Not just a model

There is no limit but the sky. Actually... Even the sky isn't the limit, at the end of the day, I just want to be happy.

About him

HIS passion

Basket-Ball is his first passion, and he hasn't stopped playing. It's another way for him to express himself.

He's also an actor with Hustle Paris, a non profit organization which help building confidence with the kids and seniors who need it the most in his neighborhood.

Calm Down

Yann invited his crush to his party ! The rest is history...

Cough (Odo)

On this one, Yann wanted to prove himself he was able to script, choreograph, record, and edit a video project.

Once upon a time, a dancer...

Before modeling, Yann was a content creator. He used to be an Afro dancer, and shared his dancing videos with his community.

Be humble forever

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