About Him

"There is no limit but the sky. Actually... Even the sky isn't the limit, at the end of the day, I just want to be happy."

Yann Matingou (March 9, 1998) is a French model. His father is from Congo (Brazzaville) and his mother from France. Younger, he was very sporty. He used to do fencing, triple jump and was a hurdler too. He discovered then, basket-ball, which became his devoted passion for years until nowadays.

Once he get graduated, he decided to do not keep studying, cause he felt like he had to find his way to express himself. He decided to take a break from working, and was looking for a job that fit his desire : being his own boss. That's the reason why he became delivery guy, riding his bike everyday to earn money. It took him 4 years to finally become a content creator, and not struggle with money for a time.

Paris lover, Yann loves to discover new vistas. He doesn't like being lazy. One thing he doesn't like : Sunday !

"I don't like Sunday, because there's nothing to do, I don't receive any email, everybody is resting, and everything is closed. I can't wait to be Monday !"

Always looking for making people smile, he tried to post dancing videos and went viral, on two different accounts ! The first time, he decided to delete his instagram, because he did not feel like he deserved it. On his second try, it went harder, looked like it wasn't a mistake the first time !

On Instagram, he has reached 190K followers, and 800K on TikTok before deactivating one more time his socials to mark the end of this era. Its' thanks to his community he has been able to get great collaborations, such as Tommy Jeans, JD Sports, Samsung and many more.

His mission

"My personal mission is to be happy and never ever have any regret. In this world, I want to positively inspire and make happy the most people I can. That's who I am. Sometimes, it may look like I'm selfish, but I'm just saving it today, to give you more tomorrow."

His fear

"My biggest fear is failure. I hate fails. I don't want to disappoint people around me. I have so much to give. When it happens, I'm feeling so bad, and start to question myself, cause I made sure the environment was suitable. I put a lot of pressure on my shoulders, cause God gave me this ability to carry it."


His team

If his manager wouldn't be, he'd be his own production, financials, manager, editing team (...)

Fortunately, she's here ! You can join Mrs. BAZGUA Ilham, if you need to take contact with us !

Ilham Bazgua